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Protect Your Home And Your Belongings

BlueCouch Insurance Services will help give you instant peace of mind and protect your home in case of:

  • Damage To Your Home

    Fire, water, lightning, wind, and smoke are all elements that can cause damage to your home, inside and out. Our home insurance will cover the cost to repair your home.

  • Damage To Your Belongings

    Our home insurance protects the structure of your home and your valuable belongings. Whether your items are inside or temporarily outside your home, we’ve got you covered.

  • Additional Expenses

    If your home becomes unlivable, BlueCouch insurance will cover living expenses for your family while everything gets sorted out with your home.

  • Theft

    BlueCouch can help protect your valuable assets from theft so you can have peace of mind.

  • Injured Guests

    Accidents happen. Unfortunately, you may be liable for medical expenses if someone injures themselves in your home. Rest assured. We’ve got you covered.

Simple & Affordable Homeowners Insurance Pricing

Our AI agent, Kylie will help you find the best home insurance rates in British Columbia

As low as $25/mo

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How It Works

Protect your home and your stuff in just a few (really) easy steps

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    Fill Out A Quick Questionnaire

    Fill out a quick, 90-second questionnaire. We just need to know a few things about your home. Our AI agent, Kylie will hold your hand through the process, and answer questions along the way.

  • 2

    Pick The Perfect Policy

    Kylie will show you the best insurance rate options for your new home. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to add extra coverage and compare quotes before you buy.

  • 3

    Get Instant Coverage

    Great! Kylie helped you find the perfect policy! Now, all you have to do is fill out your payment details and download your policy. Yep. It’s really just that easy.


Why Canadians Choose BlueCouch


Alan Calimbas


@BluecouchAI was so easy to use and got me instant rates for my new home! Highly recommended!!

Steve Rad


Wow someone finally figured out how to make this process not suck 😎 @BluecouchAI

Elan Squire


Bought a policy, and really happy. Super easy and competitive fees @BluecouchAI

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